Being in the industry for long enough, we know fully well that manufacturing a novel and quality UPS is one thing and installing it is another. For your convenience and benefits, which you deserve for the purchase of our UPS, we believe that the quality of installation, commissioning and maintenance should at least be the same if not better.  This is exactly the reason why we provide pre and post sales customer support. Through it, customers get a comprehensive range of services for the useful lives of UPS systems.

As with all the electronic equipment, we cannot, unfortunately, guarantee that your UPS will never suffer a problem. It contains electrical and electronic components that have finite lives and sometimes malfunction as well. But what we can guarantee is that you will have no complaints regarding our customer support. We carry out routine maintenance inspections to treat any problems that may occur in your UPS. Our service organization will always quickly respond to your service calls 24/7 throughout the life of your UPS.

Installation & Comissioning

We have channel partners currently working in US and Asia and they offer professional installation services for our UPS.

For installation, please ensure that a qualified and certified engineer carries out the process. We will strongly recommend our channel partners because our engineers personally train them through their practical experience gained in many installation assignments. This service encompasses complete installation which includes testing, on-site configuration and start up process.  


Regular maintenance minimizes the risk of equipment failures and emergency repairs and may even increase the lifetime of the UPS.

In maintenance, the technician will analyze your UPS working and check for faults and discrepancies in the equipment. The purpose of this is to prevent failures and remove potential damages as quickly as possible. While maintenance does incur additional costs, it is far more feasible than letting your UPS wear out early and buying a new one. Properly done maintenance ensures that the UPS will at least work for the lifetime mentioned with it, if not more. If a component is found to be malfunctioning, it will be repaired or replaced, whichever suitable. This helps customer budget maintenance costs.


Get a fully extended repair for your UPS to reduce downtime in case of emergency. 

In case of emergency shutdown or malfunctioning, our technical staff will assist you on-site. Any repairs or replacements to be made will be made there and then so that you don’t have to suffer from more downtime.


Easy access to spare parts of the UPS make it ever more compelling to have. 

All the spare parts of the UPS are available to our channel partners and you can easily get your hands on them if need be. You can also stock the spare parts throughout the life cycle of the UPS for one-time expense. Since all the spare parts are verified by ourselves, you can be assured that the quality of them will be the same as that of the UPS and installing them into the UPS will not and should not degrade it’s performance in any way.


Have your technician train from our experienced engineers so that you have a qualified personnel on your hands at all times.   

We offer product training in which our engineers will train you on how to install the UPS, configure it, test it, maintain it, and repair it to some extent. The training covers only the basics of these so that your technical staff has a know how about how the system works. For detailed assessment, you will still have to consult a certified engineer.