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June 11, 2019

How we power up the servers

Servers are far too important to be shutdown for any reason. Your users do not want the service to be unavailable for even a second, much less for a long period which is very common in power outage. Not to mention, frequent power outages, surges and voltage variation can have devastating effects on the servers and other equipment attached to it. So why not just have a backup source with it? Well, its not that simple. Servers are very powerful machines and consume a lot of energy. This energy demand is fulfilled conveniently by electricity provider because they have Grid Stations that are capable of sustaining heavy loads. But when the power goes out or some other problem occurs, servers can no rely on the main power source. This is where the alternate power source is needed. But the problem now is that supporting server-level loads on a common UPS is much like trying to fit a quart into a pint pot. 


Our hand engineered solutions will help you figure out the UPS systems that can handle your servers without any problem. We have been providing services to the big industry for many years now are fulfilling the power gap through our backup systems.