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Features SJW-WB serial Industrial Intelligent Micro-chip (CPU), Non-contact(contactless) Compensated Voltage Stabilizer which is a new generation quick stabilizing voltage equipment developed by our company through many years hard work. It adopts the newest high speed operating chip control technology, fastest AC sampling technology, efficient calibrate technology, current vanish switch and fast compensate voltage stabilizing technology. They control several available silicon slices by special sequence to control the voltage connections, then to change the main voltage and voltage polar. It composes of insulation transformer, SCR mode, CPU control core, fast voltage stabilizing technology and security equipments, and accomplishes non-contact control, safe, high efficient and energy conservation. It is the perfect match of voltage translator and SCR on/off switch.
CPU intelligent SCR control, digital circuits, stable and reliable.
Large-screen LCD, user-friendly man-machine interface.
Three phases regulation, no contact, no abrasion, no spark and maintenance free.
Regulator speed to 0.04S can be accessed by all types of generators.
Efficiency is more than 98%, and power consumption less than 2%, save electricity to save money.
* Anti-interference, cleaning ability, so that the output power completely pure.
With overload, short load, short circuit, lack of phases, and automatically bypass etc. protection function




Widely used in Industry, Traffic, Post, Defense, Rail Ways, Science Lab, Large Electronic Machine, Metal Processing Equipments, Production Line, Elevator, Medical Equipments, Air Conditioner, Broadcast Television, Home Use Electronic, Building Lighting Equipment and other Equipments which need stable voltage, and are highly suitable to the equipments which needs high reliable and high stable power supply, or equipments in high amplitude of fluctuation voltage net

Technical specifications:

Phase no. three-phase four wire system
Input voltage phase voltage: 220V ± 15% (187~253V), line voltage: 380V ± 15% (323~437V)
(If input voltage ±20% required by customers, please specify when ordering.)
Output voltage 380VAC
Output precision 20K~200KVA: ± 1% (input: 380V ± 15%) or ±2% (input: 380V ±20%)
optional 250K~3000KVA: ±2% (input: 380V ± 15%) or ±3% (input: 380V ±20%) optional
Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Efficiency ≥98%
Response time ≤0.04sec.
Ambient temperature -10°C~+40°C
 Relative humidity <95%
Dielectric strength 2000V/1 min.
Insulation resistance ≥2MΩ
Waveform distortion No additional waveform distortion(static state)
Momentary overload capacity Double rated current, one min.
Noise <45dB(1 m distance)
Display mode Microcomputer Intelligent large-screen LCD, user-friendly man-machine interface
Working mode Continuous
Cooling mode  Cooling fan
Altitude <4000M
Protection With split-phase regulating system, automatic bypass (city power) system,
over-voltage, under-voltage, over-load, short-circuit, phase failure, time-delay,
failure alarm, auto. recovery etc.
Anti-interference  Arrester, EMI filter, LC filter(Optional)
Communication interface Machine configuration RS-232 interface(Optional)



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